Eight Things To Know About Canopy
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1. Our North Vancouver location is nice and convenient. Canopy is within the pedestrian plaza of the new Village in Lynn Valley so we're easy to get to and have lots of available parking. And, as a bonus, we're also near coffee shops, funky clothing stores, and some handy places to pick up milk and bread before heading home. 2. You can book your physiotherapy appointments online. Our online booking tool is simple to use and lets you schedule multiple appointments at once. If you'd rather call or email to make an appointment, that's fine too. 3. You'll feel unusually refreshed after a visit to our physiotherapy clinic in North Vancouver. It might be the crisp air here or the natural, spa-like details of our space. 4. Canopy isn't just our name, it's how we practice. In nature, a 'canopy' describes a network of independent branches joining as one, and creating a cover that's more solid than if each limb stood alone. That's how we see our therapists. As a team, they're part of a strong organic alliance of health professionals that can help you manage your health from a variety of angles. 5. Our hours make it easy to schedule an appointment for acupuncture, counselling, naturopathic treatments and so much more. We're open 6 days a week and schedule appointments in North Vancouver from 7am to 7:30pm. 6. We're professionals. The team behind Canopy has been in the local healthcare field for over 30 years, and have two North Vancouver clinics currently in operation - Village Physiotherapy in Edgemont and Kinetic Rehabilitation Centre on Lonsdale 7. Our staff love what they do. The therapists at Canopy what what it's like to be active - and they know how badly you want to get back out there. That's why they make it their mission to help you feel your best. 8. For practitioners, Canopy is an effortless way to run your own business. As a therapist, you can choose to run your own part-time or full-time practice here, and do what you do best: treat patients. All the admin is done for you, everything from billing to marketing.

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